2017 Bookish Goals

I hope I can seriously check all these goals off my overambitious, list of bookish goals this year!

  1. Read 52 books this year. A book a week is obtainable but when comparing my previous yearly reading goals to this one, this may be a challenge!
  2.  Less NETFLIX more BOOKS!netflix-old-logo
  3. Find some bookish friends on the many groups I’m involved in!
  4. Blog more……..obviously. I don’t blog enough.
  5. Write more reviews. I don’t mean just rating and leaving a one-liner, but a full on review!
  6. Start a booktube account. And not let how odd I think I look on camera stop me!booktube-1
  7. Don’t force myself to read. Let myself be in the mood to not read, and not feel bad about it!
  8. Lower my TBR pile to less than 25% of my overall books owned.
  9. Share love over as many new comers to our communities as possible.
  10. Write more of my own book. Stick with it! Lets go for 70,000 words this year!


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