5 Reasons I’m NOT ashamed of my T.B.R. (To Be Read) pile!

I am so tired of people saying these things.

  • “You’re wasting your money.”
  • “You haven’t even read the ones you have.”
  • “Why don’t you just go to the Library.”
  • “You’re a little too old for young adult books.”

Disclaimer: I have no problem with the library. In fact I get books there I don’t know if I’ll like. I DO SUPPORT LIBRARIES.

1.It’s MY Money.

Stop telling me I’m wasting my money. I don’t buy books if I can’t afford it. And lets be honest I could be ‘wasting my money’ on drugs, or god knows what. So, lets take a step back from telling me I can’t spend my money on things that, um I don’t know, build my imagination and is actually healthy for my brain.

2.Stop telling me I can’t read something because of my age.

I don’t sit around judging others for what they do in their free time. So, stop doing it to me and people like me. I love young adult books, in fact I want to someday write my own young adult books. I love middle grade, paranormal, romance, classics, and much more. All I’m saying is stop judging because most of my books target market is for teenagers.

3.Guess what? I’m supporting somebody.

As somebody who wants to be an author someday, maybe. I strongly believe in going out and buying other author’s books. In fact if I read a book I don’t own and I really loved it, I buy it for myself. I want to support others the way someday I hope others will support me.

4.I’m not afraid to admit I no longer what to read a book.

There are many times when I will see I’ve bought a book and a few years later it is still unread and I no longer have a desire to read it. So, I sell it to someone, I donate it to a library. I give it to someone who wants to read it. And, no, I don’t feel at that point I wasted my money because in my eyes I’ll end up gifting it or giving it away to someone else who can’t afford to by books.

And taking part in being able to give something that allows someone who loves to read but doesn’t have the means to buy their own books is a great feeling.

5. I’m Proud of what I love.

So, all that being said I’m proud of my love for reading and writing. It’s been my escape since I was little and it will continue to be.  I hope to someday share my love of reading with my children. It gives me joy thinking about someday handing my teenager the same copy of a story or stories that have touched me.(or they will think I’m crazy but eh.)

Well, thats my thoughts for today. Have an amazing day everybody!



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