My Top 5 Couples

In light of the month I thought I would share with everybody my top 5 bookish couples and my top 5 on screen couples! So, lets get started.

clockwork1. Tess and Will

Through out the whole series really I was rooting for Will Herondale. These two made me feel some serious feels. Jem was too perfect…and who likes perfect? Not me. So, Will you will always have my heart.



november-92. Fallon and Ben

This was one that I found myself rushing to get to the next part just to know what happens. If you haven’t read this book or anything from Colleen Hoover she has a way of writing relationships I swear. There is always something that hits you from left field.


the-one3. Maxon and America

This series was my happy place at a time in my life when I was really struggling. The relationship between Maxon and America starts in one of the most awkward of ways. I mean Maxon was dating like 32 girls at one point. These two just made my heart feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and at the time that was a feeling I was longing for.


burning-water4. Jesse and Water

Really this story just broke me down really. I love K.A. Tuckers books so so much it is unreal that I haven’t bought and binge read all of them. Watching these too pretty much have to fall in love twice was not only breath taking but at times heart breaking!


the-last-song5. Ronnie and Will

In the book and on screen I loved Ronnie and Will. Its that perfect summer romance that everybody craves once in a while. Plus, this story just makes you ugly cry for days.

Ronnie and Will have that sassy, can’t stop arguing type of relationship I love. Not as annoying as The Notebook, but not all lovey dovey all the time either.


one-tree-hill1. Lucas and Peyton

If you weren’t rooting for these two the WHOLE time, you are shunned from my life! Ha, just kidding but I was one of those people I’m sad to admit, watched this show three time through and that doesn’t include watching it here and there on actual cable. I’m so sad that it is over. THEY are the ones that should have done a revival not Gilmore Girls.


the-fosters2. Callie and Brandon

I’m not sure if I’ll get judged for this, but I just want them to be together. I don’t care that they “legally” have the same moms. GUHHHHHHHH. Am I the only one that feels this way? They are just, I don’t even have words to describe them. But, I am forever team Callie and Brandon.


this-is-us3. Jack and Rebecca

I love them as a couple. I love this show in general but these two are my favorite. I sometimes feel like we don’t get enough of them. I almost wish they had their own show if I’m being completely honest. These two just show what a relationship and marriage can be like, and show what it looks like to fight for each other

P.S. This picture is oddly long…. 😀


safe_haven_poster4. Katie and Alex

I like them in the book but these two on the big screen really brought the chemistry. PLUS, I love Julianne Hough. This is also one of my favorite movies when it comes to romance. Again this is a couple that comes together at a really hard time in each others lives and it just brings them that much closer.


Last but not least….

images5. Ali and Jack

Gosh I love this movie. I’ve watched it an easy 15+ times since it came out. First off Christina does an amazing job in the movie in my opinion. Second off look at these two and their steamy chemisty!                                                                   ∨∨∨∨∨∨∨∨∨∨∨∨∨∨∨∨∨∨∨∨∨∨∨∨∨557243165ec60bcbf98243891bbef7c7


Anyways those are my favorite couples what are some of yours!!!!!!!!!

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