Lost in a Book: Review


Lost In a Book

4/5 Stars

“Love is not for cowards.”

This story focuses around the few days before and after Beast gives Belle the best gift of all, his library. When Belle comes across an enchanted book that just might give her everything she’s every dreamed of. Well, or so she thought.

I personally loved how there was two enchantress, Death, and Love. It had a similar feel The Beast Within did, but this was much better in my opinion. The story is what made it for me, I love how this retelling took Belle’s deepest desires and twisted it.

The main reason I didn’t give it 5/5 stars has nothing to do with the story. There were multiple errors in the story where words were just missing from sentences. And if I recall The Beast Within had some similar issues. So, the editing team at Disney Press need to step up their game. Normally, I’ll overlook one error, I understand things get missed. When multiple ones are found, though, you can just tell they rushed to get the book in stores.


Belle: I’m so glad they gave Belle more character. We get to see her make mistakes, give in to her desires, make some wrong choices. I loved it. No, a character should be portrayed as perfect. So, this made me very happy.

Beast: I just want to say I like how they portrayed Beast in this story more than in some other retellings I’ve read. I like how it stuck with his original character but deepened it a little without completely changing him.

Plot: The whole idea of Belle getting to go into a story was amazing. I loved how Death and love make this wager, in really helped show their sisterhood dynamics. A Death trickery way of using Belles deepest desires to win the bet, I was just a really great plot line.

Overall this was a good read, highly recommend to those who love retellings.